Saturday, April 18, 2009

It is an open secret that the ancient India was a technologically advanced country, and that most of the “modern” inventions first took place in India.

That belief was further strengthened recently, when the archeologists at The Aerie Insitute found some old “writings” buried near Delhi. Believed to be from Mahabharat period, the stone slabs, when translated, revealed a veritable treasure of information.

The writings on the stone slab are in the form of short messages, attributed to multiple famous personalities. After extensive research, we have come to believe that this was the ancient form of the process we today know as micro-blogging, maintained by antaryami sages (the oldest form of internet) from across the subcontinent.

The evidence so far (most of the messages are by royalty or powerful hrishis) suggests that the rich and famous would have some kind of assistant with them who would convey their thoughts to the main “nodes” in the communication network.

But more about this extraordinary discovery later. First, let us show you a sample of the entries by Arjun, the most famous of Pandav brothers. (The entries are translated and converted for familiarity. For those who don’t recognize it, it’s a LIFO stack, first entry is the latest one, the last one is the first)

@Vidur Yes, we are in Varanavat for the festival. Had fun, going to sleep now. This place smells...


@Yudhishthir Congrats bro! Remember, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. And heavy lies the head that drinks too much sura.


The entries about the famous Weapons Competition held at the Hastinapur throw a fascinating light on this Little Champion’s thoughts.

Ouch, that gotta hurt. RT @Bhim hehe, Karna the warrior is actually Karna the charioteer. He is supposed to handle horses, not bows and arrows.


Who's that guy challenging me? Is he completely out of his mind.


Yes. Knew I was going to win this thing. Thanks @Yudhisthir @Bhim @Nakul @Sahadev @Bhishma @Vidur @Drona @Krupa for your wishes.


At the weapons competition. This thing is going to be fun.


The meeting of the cousins with Dronacharya and the subsequent events come to life in this stone.

@Ashwatthama I am your father's favourite student, not you. Them's the shakes.


Can't believe what that guy did. Can't believe grandpa Bhishma knows him. Can't believe he is going to teach us.


And there goes our entire play time at the bottom of the well. Who's going to bring that ball up now?


Not to mention, the young Arjun gives us a rare glimpse into the childhood of Kaurav and Pandav princes.

Didn't know you had so much imagination. RT @Bhim Found myself bound at the bottom of river. Fought some nagas. Partied with them.


@Bhim Where are you? Picnics are not just for eating and sleeping. For that matter, neither is the whole life...


100 cousins? And we have just one uncle. :O


In Hastinapur. This city is HUGE. Can't believe I am a Prince. And have got a BIG family.

The messages on stone pellets stop at this point, though given what happened afterwards, it is understandable.

We will continue to bring you the news of this extraordinary find. There’s a lot more where this came from. So stay tuned. Till the next time…


- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

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