Friday, April 03, 2009

Chitrakatha: Story of My March

From the comments I can see that some of you have been wondering where I had been missing for the last month (As for others, shame on you for not wondering). There have even been rumours making rounds that I have hung my keyboard and retired from blogging (as if!).

So, in order to show that I am not going anywhere soon, I have decided to tell you the story of my well-earned (well, earned to be sure) leave. And I got pictures to prove it…

Rewind back to 1st March, and I was all ready for a flight to India, after more than 2.5 years. My place was all cleaned up (and I got photos to show my parents how I keep my house clean)

room The bags were all packed:

bags And I was waiting for my cab.

And then… this happened:

snow That’s supposed to be the parking lot of my office. And how did I end up in the office on a Sunday, you ask? Well, as you can see, the reason was the weather. My Sunday afternoon flight was cancelled, so was the alternate flight I got on Monday. The dedicated worker that I am, I spent the Monday in office (that’s my story and I am sticking to it). Finally, I left my house 48 hours after I was supposed to.

As for the flight, almost empty plane means we can spread around a bit. So, I was not worried that my seat monitor spent the entire 15 hour flight doing this:linuxFor the people who curse Windows’ slow booting, just look at that symbol top left.

Finally, I was home, from sub-zero (Celsius, always Celsius) temperature to 27 degrees at 1000 feet in Mumbai. The stay at home was very relaxing: meeting everybody after a long time, relaxing at home doing nothing, meeting friends etc.

Let me tell you, trying to live through the air pressure changes in aircraft is very hard when you are suffering from cold. After 20 days at home, it was back to US, reaching one afternoon at 4 and starting office the next morning. How was I feeling? Well, this was the weather when I was leaving for the office after a long stay at home:



- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

P.S. My contract with airlines is still valid: all bags (and their contents) came out fine in either direction.


Princess Stefania said...

:P Nice one.
Yes, a keen wonderer. That's me.

Cuckoo said...

Welcome back !

Well, what about those who wondered but not commented here ? :-)

And you were in India ? You could have at least mentioned this.

alosh said...

AmeyChitraKatha :D

Dhanya said...

welcome back :)
Hope u had a nice vacation :)

Amey said...

@Princess and Cuckoo: It's not enough just to wonder. Comments are necessary. ;)

@Alosh: I should start that. Know any artist who will draw pictures?

@Dhanya: Thanks... It was a nice vacation, after a long long time. SO I was at home almost the entire time, relaxing.

rayshma said...

i envy you.
:: you were in bbay.
:: the temperature is in celsius. always.
:: you get ur luggage. both ways.
let me go and sulk in some corner now!

Amey said...

@Rayshma: India trip? DDD started it ;) Anyways, I was in Pune, not Mumbai.

That said, temperature is in C for me. All around me, people use F.

As for baggage, I have paid my dues. Check the link.

rayshma said...

well... pune's technically home for me. i have to go there by default every time i go to india.
and don't talk of DDDs india-trip... the woman abandoned me in london and happily frisked off home! :D

p.s.: 1st time i've been caught for not chkng links! :D

Amey said...

Well, I think you (and is everybody) should visit Pune even if they don't have anybody there.

DDD made me realise it was a long time since I went to India, and I had to go there.

Princess Stefania said...

Huh. That goes both ways. And I commented, I did.

Amey said...

@Princess: But you have made a habit of coming back "for sure" and then disappearing...

Hehe, I love excuses :D

Princess Stefania said...

Nyat. There's a new post up on Pixie Dust. I've already beat last year's count, and I really AM regular now.

Amey said...

I am commented... But where's the next one?