Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Toast To All My Teachers

On this Teachers' Day, I'd like to propose a toast to all teachers...

  • To my parents, because they are my first teachers

  • To my dear sister, because our reputation of “having least quarrels in siblings” is (if I put it egotistically) 70% because of her (and that's patience for you)

  • To my dear niece, who taught me quickly and effectively that “mama is not supposed to get angry”, among many other things

  • To my cousins and brother-in-law, who taught me how to help others selflessly (and are teaching me even now)

  • To my teachers in primary school, who are even now remembered even if I don't remember what they taught

  • To the teacher in my school, who told me that a good boy like me should not be a friend of my best friend (what she had against him, I don't know)

  • To teachers in my school, who used to explode at the least provocation

  • To teachers for whom we were favorites, because we used to be always fighting for first 3 spots in class

  • To teachers who were our favorite

  • To teachers who tried to teach us everything they knew

  • To teachers to whom nobody used to listen

  • To teachers who held the attention of the class for all the time

  • To teachers, whom nobody used to make fun of

  • To teacher, who informed us in 9th std, that "energy crisis is over" (she might have been talking about the chapter, but the choice of words was a bit unfortunate)

  • To teachers who were fun to be with in the class

  • To my college teachers, who taught me many things besides the subjects they were teaching, in and out of class (ok, mostly out of class)

  • To the teachers whose classes I attended who are more remembered for their teaching styles, and whose idioms have become an essential part of our language now (“Kaltay ka kahi?”)

  • To teachers, who produced some gems like "You will be displayed on notice board" and "we need some power to discharge a capacitor", to ensure we never had a dull moment in class

  • To the teacher, who used to line marofy on girls in our class

  • To teachers, who ensured we had free run of department and labs after office hours, on holidays, anytime we wanted, so that we could learn

  • To teachers, who let us go on our "Industrial Tour" without a cheperon professor, and allowed us to come back 15 days after college started

  • To teachers, who let us use any of departmental facilities for creating our magazine and organizing inter-collegiate events, and never interfered in our preparations, but always were ready to help in any way they could

  • To my friends, each of whom has qualities which I would like to learn

  • To many authors (book- and blog-), who are teaching me a lot about how to write (that shows you what is to come, I still fancy myself as a writer)

  • To Sherlock Holmes, because after all, having a bad student is not teacher's fault

  • To Harry Potter, Prof. Dumbledore, Nanda Pradhan, and countless other characters, reading about whom has never bored me, and I read something new every time I read them

  • and last but not the least, to all my readers, and not just because you must be bored holding the glass by now

To All Teachers....

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The Great Eagle has spoken...

Quote of The Day:
The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
- William Arthur Ward


amutha said...

Teacher's Day comes earlier there, i suppose.

As for me, among the teachers i never forget will be Ms Mary, my kindy teacher. :)

I still have a scar on my left knee which i sustained after falling during the break in kindy. Still remember the 'first aid' Ms Mary gave. hehehehe..


Fleiger said...

@Amutha: In India, we have Teachers' Day today on the birthday of our former president, Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Yes, our kindy and primary teachers are more remembered for these things, more than what they taught us. I still remember every teacher I had in primary school, and their teaching styles, without any effort.

Cuckoo said...

The word “teacher” doesn’t only mean a person who takes classes in school or college. We get to learn everyday from so many other people without even them trying to teach us.

And btw, what those "***" mean, can I ask?

Sidharth said...

no. i wasnt holding the glass..
this evoked good memories of the teachers...gr8 teachers...

".....and whose idioms have become an essential part of our language now"
Are such kind of teachers found everywhere???... we had one - though not a good teacher('not a good' is an euphism) his style has infected each and every 1 of our class... in fact it has become kind of a identity for us mechies...

"...who produced some gems ..."
one which happened to me and my TWO other friends...
we were told.."Both of you three stand up"..as the whole class around us tried to control themselves.. we cudn't - result - out of the classs!!!!!!hahhaa..

nostalgic post!!!

Cuckoo said...

Sidharth- Ha Ha... "Both of you three stand up"...reminds me of my Hindi teacher who, not wanting to left behind, always tried to speak in English and then...


Fleiger said...

@Cuckoo: I agree... that's why the toast includes my parents, friends and myriad other characters in my life.
And those "***" in my blogroll mean that the person has updated their site in last 24 (or 48, I forgot which) hours.

@SiD: We had some good teachers, whose style was really cool... Like the one who used to tell us to enjoy in every class (that's efforts followed by joy), among many other things. We still remember each and every one of his jokes, coz the students were equal partners in that...

Re: funny quotes? thalir had a post about this. This is a commonly found specie, all of whom I think talk very similar, sometimes even same dialogs.

Figo said...

to all teachers!! :-)

This we learned from famous men
Knowing not we learned it.
Only, as the years went by--
Lonely, as the years went by--
Far from help as years went by
Plainer we discerned it.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

masha allah ! i really like the toast !

i need to read the prev post tho

c ya

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

am glad u r able to comment on my blog !

niki yokota said...

awww~poor teacher!! lololol
>To teachers to whom nobody used to listen

theres no teacher's day in my country...
i cant believe sooo many teachers u could remember ^o^;;
they would be happy dancing if they find ur post..
and yes! i had quarrels with my sis too. so very true! haha~

Fleiger said...

@Figo: Wow... now that's a proper toast. Yours?

@Deepa: Welcome back (after a long absence) Hope to see updates soon on your blog soon...

@Nikichan: We had some really memorable teachers. Don't worry about Teachers' Day, anything you remember from school? Post it...
And me and my sis fight, but it is so below the average, that our relatives don't believe we can fight. And she has a lot more patience to avoid fights than me.

Figo said...

not me. rudyard kipling :-)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

done !

Fleiger said...

@Figo: That was awsome... Kipling huh? Need to read more of it.

@Deepa: Good post... now for the tag.

ketki said...

visited your blog for the first time.
u hold a nice blog here!
esp the template
loved the line-
"skies he may own , but the egal flies alone!".....beautiful line!

niki yokota said...

awww~ when will u update??
been reading this post every day..lollll

Fleiger said...

@Ketki: Thanks... welcome to blog. The line is my first and last (thankfully, some people will add) attempt to write something remotely poetic.
Do keep visiting... and writing beautiful posts about Mumbai and India.

@Nikichan: Will update real soon... once I finalise a topic. Got some 2-3 posts pending at least.