Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not yet, Fat Lady

It frequently happens in TV serials that following a major crisis, one of the characters says something like, "We did it" or "I think we killed him/her", and is promptly (or not so promptly) proved wrong. Now that's an emotional roller-coaster not everybody is equipped to deal with [raise your hands if you get queasy on roller coasters (before you ask, my hand is firmly touching the ground)].

So, next time such things happen, before you feel relieved that it's finally over or despair that you may never see your favourite character again, here are

10 Signs that it's not over yet:

10. The serial name starts with a "K":  nothing is permanent in those, except the characters.

9. We are talking about the ex- of a main character: Be sure they are coming back to haunt betray the main character, sooner or later.

8. We are talking about the relationship between the main characters: and the series finale is not yet in sight.

7. A main character is dying: and it is not yet time for mid-season break or season finale.

6. A Goa'uld System Lord is dying: Those guys just don't understand the meaning of "death".

5. There is an Australian cricket player who hasn't yet written his book: self-explanatory. (What? The whole Sydney test and after fiasco wasn't a soap opera? Could've fooled me.)

4. The most obvious suspect is apprehended: Rule of thumb: if all evidence points to one person, he/she is innocent. (Called as such because when you point finger at somebody, your thumb may be pointing in a completely different direction.)

3. Somebody said, "I think we fixed it", "Thank God it's over" or some such thing: Did someone say "jinx"?

2. The Earth/human race is about to be destroyed: If earth is destroyed, where will we shoot the next episodes?

1. You are just reaching half hour mark in a one-hour episode.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

Friday, November 07, 2008

Kweshchan Hamare Mahabharat Ke

You may have noticed (please say you did) that I have been missing from this blog for some time now. And you may have thought that I may have been a victim to another bout of writer's block. Well, you are right.

And since, try as I might, I cannot find any topics for making up a new post, I decided to fall back on the tried and tested method: I went back and saw some recent episodes of "Kahani Hamare Mahabharat Ki".

What can I say? It worked like a charm. Or rather, I came out with enough questions to cobble together into a post. Like:

Say you are an interior decorator tasked to decorate the interior of a palace for a blind couple. How sadistic you have to be, to place a huge couch right in the middle of the room, knowing something like this is bound to happen?

Or this one:
Say your brother is back from fighting a battle (or rather, 18th one) with a man (whom you incidentally love). How desperately in love (or is it, lurrrve) you have to be, to immediately think that the "good news" your brother brings with him is about your marriage to this man, a.k.a. his mortal enemy?

Incidentally, I always thought of Rukmini as a strong-willed woman, what with her being unconventional enough to write a letter to a man she has never met to come and marry her. Plus, she is supposed to be the favourite wife of a man like Krishna. Then why does the Rukmini I see here is permanently in glycerin-locked-and-loaded mode?
In Mahabharat times, where could you get a daasi who refers to a Princess as tum? How very socialist of her...

And wouldn't it be, I guess "better" is the word here, to show Krishna overpowering Vidarbha soldiers his prowess in fighting, instead of "freezing" them? And, wouldn't a cunning warrior like Krishna go in the heart of enemy territory completely armed? Why should he "pluck" a sword out of thin air to fight?
I guess that's enough questions for today.

In short, what I am saying here is, be back soon...

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken