Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30 Second Summaries – Mixed Edition

Once again, we bring you the bestest and latest news in the entertainment world. And like all good things, except chocolates and ice cream, our summaries come in small, (non-digital) bite-sized packets.

You know, for those times when everybody in the group is talking about the movie you have just heard of, and you have to come up with a comment quickly before “somebody” thinks you are so ignorant. So whip out that now-old-news iPhone and…

…dive into this August (as in month, not the other meaning) Edition of 30-second Summaries:

love-aaj-kal-new-poster Love Aaj Kal:

They say the dhai akshar prem ke of yore have today been replaced by 2 syllables of “Love” (kinda like how we replaced long movie reviews with 30 second summaries here, I guess).

They also say Saif Ali Khan looks like young Hrishi Kapoor from certain (camera) angles.

agyaat Agyaat:

For completely agyaat reasons,

  1. film crews continue to go into creepy forests with no means of quick escape.
  2. and against all reasonable laws of jungle, young females continue to go into deep forest quite alone, often wearing nothing more than bikinis or shorts.
  3. ditto for men, although, praise the gods, they do it dressed more sensibly in most cases.
  4. RGV continues to use loud background music in places where silence would have served a whole lot better.

GI Joe movie poster G. I. Joe:

Seriously? You want the story of G. I. Joe movie? So be it. A young man finds himself torn between his duty to his country and his lost love, the tragic love story painted on the canvas of today’s world full of hate and violence, betrayal and greed.

All right, here’s the straight and narrow: G. I. Joe foils the plans for world domination by the ruthlesss terrorist organization Cobra, led by Cobra Commander, who is supported by Destro and his M.A.R.S. Industries. <EOS> Yo, Joe!

Now go forth and be knowledgeable, my friend. Then come back when you have time and tell us in comments how you fared.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

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