Friday, February 13, 2009

Fount of Knowledge Part VIII

a.k.a. Colour me pink and call me bunny.

On second thoughts, don’t do anything I said in prev. para. Let me try and start again.


These are tough economic times. What with layoffs and hiring freezes, everybody is looking for that golden bullet: The Evergreen Industry. Why, even our old choice career is facing hard times given the emergence of online protest petitions. So we thought it was time to once again bring you The Career of The Future.

By now, everybody who can read (or watch TV) knows about the Mangalore incident, and its aftermath. As a result, one group is sending pink undergarments to another, another is sending pink under-overgarments to someplace else, and somebody else is sending pink garments to the first group.

See the pattern there? No, not the opportunities in courier industry, although that’s not a bad observation.

Want a recession-proof career? Go manufacture the colour pink.

I mean, the events of last few days must have caused a national shortage the colour, and here’s your opportunity to grab the market given the huge demand. After all, whatever the choice of goods flying across the country right now, they are pink coloured.

And I am not just talking about pink-coloured cloth here. I am talking about the basic colour. The colour which will be used for clothes, plastics, paper (I doubt pink slips are going out of fashion soon), sweets and other edibles, even for painting your house (think big, think Jaipur)… the uses are unlimited. Oh, and before I forget, cars.

Think it is just one time boom? Well, the valentine’s day is just round the corner. Branch out a bit in red colour, and you have the entire V-Day market captured. Seriously, you cannot see any other colour for that entire week, unless of course, you are colour-blind.

Still think one/two weeks per year is too small a window? Well then, 50% of the world’s population is female. 50% of those are girls (or think they are girls), and are into all things pink. Can you think of a bigger market?

I thought so.

So go forth and paint the world pink.


- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


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P.P.S. Suddenly, the “pink cars” poster I linked is very hard to find on Google. Seems like somebody, lets call him/her AB(C?), is going around deleting the pictures from the internet. I smell conspiracy.


Princess Stefania said...

I likey plenty. :P Peddling pink. Do you like the colour?

Amey said...

@Princess: Thanku thanku... Do check out my previous post, too. As for the color pink, I don't hate it, but that's about it.

silverine said...

Check this out!

Princess Stefania said...

What, no new posts?

Amey said...

@Silverine: We are like that only :D

@Princess: India trip. Flights canceled/delayed. Packing and unpacking. Last minute changes. Busy...

Princess Stefania said...

This time, I'm back for good. Honest injun. I've missed the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

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