Monday, February 02, 2009

Can you hear the Music of Love?

We at the Aerie Institute have a long history of helping the souls in search of love. Now, with singles all over the world facing the spectre of looking forward to another Valentine’s Day, we thought we should help you out once more.

Previously, we have brought you gems like A Guide to First Date, A Single Guy’s Guide to 14th February. So you already know what to do once you get That Girl you’ve always dreamt of. But the process of love starts well before that.

It is well known to all the Hindi movie-watchers that you fall in love at first glance. It is further established, that when you first look at The One Made For You, divine music starts playing. After all, you need some sign to recognize a single person from billions, right?

So you spend all your life searching, and one day it happens. Suddenly, a vision from heaven steps in front of you. Your can’t see anything except her, and she is rendered in soft focus (even though your glasses are smudge-free). An orchestra starts playing (but you are not in a theatre), and you just know she is The One.

Or is she? Before you jump to conclusions, you have to make sure that you are not going to be a target for #7 sandal with heels.

So, take a step back, and follow this fool proof formula brought to you by the researchers at Aerie, after extensive testing. Given the profession/inclination of most of the users, the method is presented as a simple-to-follow flowchart. Follow these steps before you do anything (click to enlarge):


Did you reach the F14? Congratulations, you may just have found the Love of Your Life. Now check if the girl still there. That means one of these 2 things:

  1. She also likes you, and is waiting for you to go to her.
  2. She is following the abovem. steps. Wait for her to finish.


For What to do do next, keep watching this space… Till next time


- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


P.S. The genders in this post can be changed as needed.


DewdropDream said...

hahaha!! Advice well given :D NOw what are YOU doing for Valentine's day, pray?

Amey said...

@DDD: Check out the other posts too.
My plans? Grab some movies from library, order a pizza if I am bored of cooking... I guess that's about it. What about you?

Bollyviewer said...

What! The great eagle doesnt follow his own advice? Or does it mean that you've given up all hope of your cell battery ever resting in peace?

that girl in pink said...


Amey said...

@Bollyviewer: I do. And my cell battery spends more time sleeping than awake. Not my fault I end up at "Better luck next time", is it now? ;)

@TGIP: Thanku... do check out the other guides in series too.