Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Inauguration, so many questions

President-elect Barack Obama’s journey to drop the “-elect” from his title started with a 137 mile train journey from Philadelphia to Washington D.C., which took about 7 hours (that’s about 32 kmph. And we Indians thought Barshi Light was slow). My question is:

Was he sitting in the train looking at his watch and going, “48 hours till I can ride the Air Force One, 47 hours till…”?

We have seen all the film award shows put musical performances before the Big Four awards to increase the suspense. Just like that, after swearing in the Vice President, there was a musical performance.

Does the president-elect think at this point, “let’s get this done already”?

Can a close friend of the president-elect (or better yet, soon-to-be ex-president) turn around and go “Once more” after the performance is over, just to pull president-elect’s leg?

After the swearing-in ceremony is over, the president was shown inside the Capitol signing some documents. Of these options discussed in our office, which do you think describe the documents he was signing:

a. Lease for the White House, Air Force One, Marine One etc.

b. HR documents

c. Benefits documents

d. Just some papers he doodled on so that photographers can get shots of him signing something.

Meanwhile, people on the ground had other concerns. Bars open 24 hours, sub-zero temperatures and (despite this being the costliest inauguration yet)  one port-a-potty for about 6000 people on an average. I will leave you to complete that thought.

And while we are on the thought of bars, the president has to attend 10 official balls on the same day. This, plus 24 hours open bars: does the entire country wake up with a serious case of Januarythefirstitis on 21st January every four years?


- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


P.S. Obama vs Congress chess? What an idea…


DewdropDream said...

I haven't actually done any reserach on this... but I've been wondering. That huge ass ball and stuff they hosted? It wasn't free surely... someone had to pay for it. Taxpayers is my guess. Wasn't that a bad move during a recession. perhaps Obama would have created a better impression had he refused pomp and show and requested a simple swearing in ceremony. Any thoughts?

Amey said...

@DDD: I am not entirely sure, but some of the balls are company sponsored or payed by donations. Don't quote me on that.

As for the swearing-in ceremony, I agree it was the costliest ceremony in history, in possible the worst possible time. But then again, we humans are wired for ceremony and rituals. I don't think the 26th Jan parade does anything except put on a show, but it is worth having just for that show. I guess that's why while I won't cry in such situation, I can understand why some people cried during the ceremony.