Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rs. 3,97,48,000 Question #3.5

When I asked the last in my series of thought-provoking questions about technology and showing off, all the female commenters told me how girls like to think long term and so on. And talking for my sub-species was only me, so thanks all male bloggers...

But the post is not about how I should expect Oscar for that real-life rendition of Stan Laurel in "Block-Heads" (which is another example of life imitating art I have found in last month or so). The post is a corollary to my earlier question.

I have found in my research that all the thoughts of long term, getting value for money and so on in female brain come to nought when it comes to... fashion.

All those girls who tell boys off for showing off latest cellphone or laptop are ready on one leg to show off latest dresses or shoes. Indeed, I have examples of girls bemoaning pleasant weather as it does not allow them to show off their newest leather jacket, and girls talking endlessly about a shade of a lipstick from a particular company. So, today's question to ponder is for all the girls out there:

Where does the "rational female brain" go when it comes to shopping for dress? How is the tale of how you got the best bike different than how you survived the shoe sale at the mall? Aren't boys better because at least, they don't drag off their girlfriends to shop for gadgets?

Girls can head over directly to add comments now. Seriously, there's nothing of interest for you coming up.

Now, a chance to redemption for all boys out there reading this:
"Rational female brain"? How many of you are still coherent despite the laughter? Then try the last two questions I asked the girls.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

P.S. For other such questions, see Q.1 , Q.2 and Q.3.

P.P.S. The demands of real world this week meant that I cannot give full justice to the announcement I promised. Sorry...

Quote of The Day:

Fashion is something that goes in one year and out the other.
- Unknown


Princess Stefania said...

Ah. Now I see why you're moderating comments.
A post that claims to look inside our minds. Someday, I'll return the favour. Someday soon.

Fleiger said...

@Princess: Well, the moderation part is legacy of the past (posts), and has nothing to do with this one.

So, spill the beans on shoes and dresses and lipsticks. But before that, answer Q #3.

Keshi said...

**All those girls who tell boys off for showing off latest cellphone or laptop are ready on one leg to show off latest dresses or shoes.

k k I agree LOL!


deepanjali said...

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Celestine said...

shoes, dresses, lipstick ... i think they belong to our need for expression, for aesthetic satisfaction, for attention - the drama, the romance, the affections. men's love for cars, electronic equipment and son on probably lies in their innate desire for adventure, for advancement, for intelligence - the engineering, the creation, the thrill.

i dont think there should be a debate about this. its as tho' we are just wilfully trying to badger the other into a quick.

Fleiger said...

@Keshi: I know you would agree. After all, your recent post is kind of incriminating, right? ;)

@Deepanjali: Already there... Check out the stars in the sidebar.

@Celestine: Welcome to my blog.

That's probably the most detailed answer I have ever got. What prompted the question was, when I asked about who shows off their gadgets, all girls (almost literally) told me off as you can see in Q.3, and this was a bit hypocritical, right?

As for the debate, such debates should occur, only if to understand each other better. You can find the reasons behind the series in the first question.

Welcome again, and do keep commenting.

Keshi said...



Fleiger said...

@Keshi: So, what's the answer? Why do you like showing off clothes and shoes?

Princess Stefania said...

If men understood women, life wouldn't be as interesting.

Fleiger said...

@Princess: Do you mean to say that if I understand women's liking to clothing and shoes, I will understand women? Oh wow...