Thursday, October 11, 2007

That "Gedanke" Part Chapter I

Today's Chapter: "Inspired" Thoughts

You start a blog, and name it "Random Thoughts". You start writing, and after some time find that the thinking is becoming a bit too structured, and there is no place for "random" thoughts any more on your blog.

So, here's a place where I dump all those titbits and one-liners (which I came up with during my endless net-surfing and intermittent TV) which wouldn't have made it on their own:

  • Kusum recently blogged about the lesson she learnt on the first day of school: "Let Sleeping dogs lie". What she forgot to mention is that this is the motto of the sister school of Hogwarts, the one for muggles and squibs.

  • The review of "Mrityunjaya" on Lazy Habits was picked up by some blog directories. Among "Related Posts" were posts about Rakhi Sawant. Mahabharat and Rakhi Sawant... Can you think of more unrelated topics?

  • Things I learnt from watching ads: in 1940s, a part of your annual car insurance would pay for a home in Beverly Hills. Either insurance rates have gone down a lot or real estate is getting way expensive.

  • Where do ghosts get their powers? Why should the ghost of a person killed by falling weight be killing others by burning them (either that or electrocution through hand)? Where's the justice in that? Or is it just for sadistic pleasure of the ghost? In which case, I need to ask again, where's the justice in that?

  • A lot has been written about the guys who write captions (subtitles) for hindi movies, making makhna into buttercup and so on. But their cousins in closed-captioning jobs are no less entertaining. How else can you explain the line I read during recent telecast of EPL? "Two girls in EPL for XYZ this season". As if we didn't know how football players "score".

  • Ever wonder how Shahrukh Khan's sister would look like (well, I know everybody has seen the forward thousand times till now, but still)? Ever wonder who would be cast in the remake of "Duplicate" with elements of "Twelfth Night" mixed in? Wonder no more... (Picture picked from an ad in local newspaper)

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

Quote of The Day:

This is my answer to the gap between ideas and action - I will write it out.
- Hortense Calisher


Princess Stefania said...

Structure isn't a bad thing really, it's just that random is brilliant.

Fleiger said...

@Princess: True... And these one-liners wouldn't have made it on their own in the cruel world of blog posts ;)

Dhanya said...

One-liners - will it be random or structured? :P

Anonymous said...

hehehehe! Shahrukh Khan's sister??
so very funny :D
my chat friends said i looked like jackie cheng's sister on the cam 4-5 years ago. *tear*

Keshi said...

**Ever wonder how Shahrukh Khan's sister would look like

why wud I wonder abt that? LOL!


Fleiger said...

@Dhanya: Well, I still will be publishing "posts", so there will be a structure. On the other hand, the thoughts themselves will be random. It is in the eye of the reader to decide...

@Nikichan: Why are you so sad? Jackie Chan is not bad-looking.

@Keshi: Well, a superstar, who frankly is not bad looking. His sister... Do the math ;)

Keshi said...

sister? I dun hv les instincts Fleiger lol!


Fleiger said...

@Keshi: Well, that was mainly for guys. For girls, I would say, "just a curiosity" is reason enough. Right?