Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rs. 3,98,60,000 Question #3

a.k.a Size does matter?

I have spent this month quite preoccupied. And what with Silverine talking about the "size", Cuckoo talking about insecure men and my post on "statistics", I think you know which way my thoughts were going to go.

Now, the result of all these thoughts and my research into the subject has prompted me to ask third in the series of hard-hitting, serious, thought-provoking questions.

But let's talk a bit about my research before going to the question.

After an extensive research and brainstorming, I have come to the conclusion that the male preoccupation with "size" and "statistics" dates back to the hunter-gatherer days. The neanderthal man (OK, I am not a paleontologist, so spare me the corrections) had to worry about the size, because the mammoth (or other animals) he hunted must supply enough hide to at least make clothes for his family. I am pretty sure shopping malls and places like Gucci or Chanel didn't exist back then (so lucky... the men I mean). So all this behaviour which often results in your girlfriend/wife getting angry at you is just a racial memory, like "fight or flight" (and believe me, "fight" is not an option when confronted with your angry girlfriend).

Now that I have propounded this theory, I am waiting for some university to come and offer me PhD (I will wait for Nobel Prize). Meanwhile, back to the question:

Bigger bikes, bigger cars, smaller cellphones, thinner laptops, latest web application/software/games... If When you get it, do you flaunt it? And is the stereotype that the fairer sex does not share our love of these things true?

Given the fact that I just read about a friend wanting to check the make of her cell before talking about it, I would say the answer to the second question is yes. But then, I should wait to give out my answer.

So, are you stereotypical or do you break such barriers? As an corollary to my earlier question about stats, do these things matter to you, or is it something you fashionably avoid? And what are you flaunting currently?

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

P.S. In keeping with my plans to merge my blogs, this is one more series from "Talons" which will continue here, apart from the Round Table series. For other questions, see Q.1 and Q.2.

P.P.S. I never thought my blog would talk about finances given my (lack of) interest in the field, but... well, the titles say it all.

Quote of The Day:

Let's have some new cliches.
- Samuel Goldwyn (1882 - 1974)


Keshi said...

** the male preoccupation with "size" and "statistics" dates back to the hunter-gatherer days.




silverine said...

In office I have seen the guys constantly talking about the latest gizmos, while we the gals are quite happy with any instrument that can make and receive calls. I have also seen guys talking about the latest cars and the type of money other guys read businessmen make. I guess it is because historically, man was the provider so he is on the constant look out for the best, besides a better hunter would also earn the respect of his fellow men! So maybe he still feels the need to get the best to prove himself a better man :)

p.s had to read your post from the comment section. The "read more" leads to a feeds page.

silverine said...

err comment moderation?

Fleiger said...

@Keshi: Didn't say we left the trait there, did I?

And you didn't answer the question...

@Silverine: Looks like some stereotypes are true ;) So, should I ask you to answer the last question now?

And well, you see how completely thought out my theory is? I am not wrong in expecting a PhD, am I now?

Sorry about the problems. Was just fiddling around with layout today. Tell me if you can spot any difference. Moderation is only to make sure I reply to all comments, as it was getting hard keeping track of all the comments.

Cuckoo said...

"fight" is not an option when confronted with your angry girlfriend. So true.. LOL

Well, yeah I agree with silverine. We gals don't quite go after such details. The basic functions (not primitive) should suffice. Even if I have the latest models, I don't think I'll flaunt it.
But my reason for why we don't go after those gizmos is different from silverine.
I think generally guys look for short term gains & we think long term in terms of money value. I am to write on it. Ok, will write about it sometime. :-)

Also, guys have more free time to do all these research. ;)

Adopt to my method if you think you forget to reply to some of the comments. Moderation isn't the answer.

Cuckoo said...

And the immediate difference I noticed is Blogosphere box.
Your totally black picture.

P.S.- there is some problem with your sidebars. Check their sizes. Left sidebar is going way down.

Fleiger said...

@Cuckoo: Oh, this has nothing to do with long-term/short-term and all that. How would you know (say) a cellphone will serve you for years without any problem, unless someone has tried it from start? Who would give you the feedback for the new camera you want to buy, if nobody has done the research on it?

As for moderation, it is hard to keep track of comments if the same mailbox gets mails from multiple groups and comment notifications from multiple posts and blogs, unless you reply immediately.

And as for the sidebars, the blog looks good in resolutions 1024 and bigger.

Fleiger said...

@Silverine and Cuckoo: Oh, the Blogrush widget is good... Basically it shows your posts on blogs with related content (or blogs writing in your blog's subject), and other way round. Good for getting people to your blog, I think.

Now, if you want to register for Blogrush, do show me some love and use the link on the widget in my blog please.

Keshi said...

**So, are you stereotypical or do you break such barriers?

sometimes I just cant help being stereotypical...mebbe cos of the men I hv met so far??


Fleiger said...

@Keshi: But what do men you have me have to do with your "style"? From your blog, I know you like to show off, but I haven't seen any posts on your "tech-loves". Am I right?