Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stat-isfactory or...

If you care about your blog as much as I do (i.e. if you crave attention as much as the next blogger), I am sure then you would be checking your stats, err... your blog's stats at least twice a day.

Pro-bloggers and serious bloggers tell me that blog stats are a good way to know what your readers are reading, and what they don't like, thereby making you more "in tune" with your readers. That doesn't mean the keeping an eye on blog stats is easy going.

To give you an example, here's today for me:

  • Good: Pageviews exceeding daily average by 30% on "Lazy Habits of Thinking" within first quarter day means that I am well on way to make this second-best or even best day.

  • Bad: I still don't know why the occasional spikes, so I don't know what I did (and should do) to attract people to my blog.

  • Good: Coming after a particularly slow day (on account of Labour Day weekend), the spike might be expected.

  • Bad: Not a single comment resulting from all those visits? More than 82% readers spend less than 30 seconds on my blog.

  • Good: Some of the older posts seem to have been rejuvenated.

  • Bad: As much as I want, I cannot believe people are searching the net only for one Harry Potter book out of seven, that too not the last one. So what's different in that one post? I haven't found any answer yet.

  • Good: The spikes, and resurgence of some posts gave me idea to put some extra things in the post footer, like single button to bookmark the post on any social bookmarking site you want, and link for subscribing to RSS feed.

  • Bad: Without feed stats on Wordpress, I cannot be sure if that is working at all.

  • Good: An e-mail from the author of a book I reviewed for BlogCritics, telling me he liked my review and my blog. This has nothing to do with stats, but I must say, it was a nice feeling hearing from an author (whose book I liked by the way), not to mention reading that he appreciates the post.

So, now that you know how stat-watching is emotional roller-coaster ride for me, I would like to know more about you:
Do (blog) statistics matter to you? Do you keep going back to your stats counter again and again through the day? If you see lots of traffic on one post, do you wonder why? And if 100-odd readers leave no comment, do you despair?

Write in comments, write a post and leave the link in comments... answer any way you want and do tell me I am not alone here.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

P.S. Do remember to check my last year's post "A Toast to All My Teachers" on this Teacher's Day (09/05/2007).

Quote of The Day:

Statistics: The only science that enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions.
- Evan Esar (1899 - 1995), Esar's Comic Dictionary


tulipspeaks said...

i check my stats once everyday.. just 2 boost my spirit :)


SiD said...

Are stats important: Yes.

How often do I visit: once in 15 days or may be a month..

Do I wonder why too much traffic on 1 post: Yes sometimes...

do u despair: No.. sometimes. yes.. on posts which I personally like!!

Fleiger said...

@Tulip: Aah... a spirit after my own soul ;)

@Sid: First and second answers? Kuch to gadbad hai... Or maybe, you are talking about "stats" stats. In that case, oh yeah ;)

Do you do anything to figure out the traffic spikes?

Princess Stefania said...

I'm despairing! I'm despairing! I'm despairing!

I have to thank both you and Priya for the Bartimeous book review. It made a lovely birthday gift for my dad. Much grateful

Fleiger said...

@Princess: Why the despair?

When I talk about appreciation from readers, I am talking about such moments... So, thanks and hope your father and you like it :D

silverine said...

Stats are not important for a blogger like me who tries her utmost best to write for herself. So a Statcounter to me is nothing but an ego booster. What I mean is that in spite of writing without a thought to what people may like or not like, my four readers still seem to read what I write. :p

Princess Stefania said...

Like it? He loved it. I haven't had the chance to read it as yet, because of him.

Fleiger said...

@Silverine: A famous blogger like you should answer last 2 questions : Do you wonder why a particular post is so famous? And do you feel hurt when people don't comment on your favourite post so much?

So go on, answer... :D

@Princess: It's well worth the wait. Starting from first book will be good, even though the back-story is covered later on.

silverine said...

1.Do you wonder why a particular post is so famous? [No]

2. And do you feel hurt when people don't comment on your favorite post so much? [No]


Keshi said...

I never check my stats :)


Priyank said...

Having my own website gives me the freedom to add whatever software I want. There was a time when I installed a couple of analyzers becaused I was obsessed with tracking every visitor. I remember checking it thrice a day for some time. However, now I am too lazy to check even once a week:D

Some posts are seasonal - for example Sahyadri trek ones are up in Monsoon!

About 20% visitors to my blog are spam bots. I dont know why/how they come, but they do. I wouldnt worry much on the bots. Typically they are most active in the beginning of the week...


Fleiger said...

@Silverine: Elaborate... :D

Are you telling me you don't have favourite posts?

@Keshi: "Your" stats, or...?

Well, same questions as Silverine to you too. So check my response to her last comment.
@Priyank: Given your response, you have dug a little deeper in the stats, right?

And you haven't answered last question. If you have a post up which you love, do you wonder when people don't comment on it?

Priyank said...

Oh well, visitor comments to my blog has been in single digits only. It doesnt really matter...

इष्टकाम प्रसीद्यर्थम् पुनरागमनायच॥

silverine said...

Yes, I have favorite posts :) But they are my favorites. I don't expect them to be favorited by others. And since I really don't care whether people like what I write or not [except a few like you ;)] it doesn't hurt if people like them or not.

When I first started blogging I didnt know about comments or readers. I had not seen many blogs and the ones I saw had no comments. So when I first got a comment I was surprised. Since then I am wary of comments. Whether good or bad. But when I say I write for myself I really mean in if tomorrow I have no commenter's or readers it will remove a lot of pressure. I will keep writing but with a lot more pleasure. I don't know if you understood this or not :)

Fleiger said...

@Priyank: Single digit visits... been there man... will keep going there.

@Silverine: I know what you mean. There are some posts which I write only for me, and don't care if people read or not.

But there are some things (typically books) I want to share with others. So for those, stats/comments is not a count of how many people like it, but how many people I have shared it with.

Cuckoo said...

At last I got time to comment here. :-)

Fortunately or unfortunately I never had single digit visitors rather on most of the days (except weekends) I have 3 digit counter.

Stats: No, they don't matter really. Normally if I have time, I check around once a week or 10 days but don't pay any heed to it. Can't really dig it.

Wonder : Yes, sometimes. But I guess I know the answer. They are some of my best written posts & ppl have stored the link of that post. They visit my blog via that link.

On a single day : I had most no. visitors on a single day for 2 of my posts .. don't remember the no. exactly but they were around 500 hits in single day for each one of them.
One post was on Laloo Yadav's Harvard visit (There was heated discussion on my blog, so ppl kept coming for their comments)& the other one was for Santhi, the athelte.

No, I don't despair if they don't comment. In fact I'll go mad if I get those many comments !! :P

Fleiger said...

@Cuckoo: 3 digit? Now that's something I see rarely.

From your answer, I am guessing that you are one of the lucky few people whose favourite posts match the most popular ones. Am I right?

And like my answer to Silverine, what exactly do you see when you look at stats?

@My answer to Sid: Well, it is well documented fact that men are more interested in stats. Oops, didn't want to give the idea of my next post away.