Saturday, December 01, 2007

Million Dollar Blogging

Going through my Google Reader recently, I came across a post by Problogger where he addresses two questions:

Would you stop blogging if you get million dollars today? And will your blogging style change if you are suddenly a millionaire?

Apart from the fact that USD is not what it used to be, I would have to answer first question with a resounding "No, probably" while the answer to second one would be, "Umm... let me think". And no, this is not because I am not indecisive (interviewers please note).

So, let's get to the first question. Would I (like) be a millionaire blogger? Yes, of course. Would I still be a blogger if I am a millionaire? Yes, unless...

I didn't start blogging to earn money, indeed I was not aware that blogging pays until well into my second year as a blogger. So, for me blogging is not a way to earn money, nor does it pay me so well as to make me rich any time soon (hint hint). I use this blog to talk about anything and everything I like, while "Lazy Habits" is about my main hobby. So, unless being rich makes me completely secretive, unable to express myself in writing, and leaves me no time to read, I am going to blog no matter what my bottom-line says.

So where does the "probably" in the answer come from? Well, do you think I will get time to blog while dealing with all my accountants, my businesses and everything else that comes with being rich? Million dollars are not enough to make me stop working for life, and I would of course want to get richer (say a million euros, and we are talking something else). So, I guess people would have to be satisfied with very infrequent and short posts, at least for a while. For most readers, that would be as good as me not blogging. And lack of time is seriously going to affect Lazy Habits, as writing reviews takes a good chunk of time. So the part I am not sure is whether I can put aside time to write the posts like I am accustomed to. And given what I see of people's work habits and how people disappear under pressure unless they are "pro", that's a serious consideration.

On to second one. Will I change if I am rich?

Do you really have to ask?

I have no doubt that my writing style will not change. Which means that content-wise I am not going to change any time soon (sorry all who were hoping otherwise). Post frequency and lengthwise? I already answered that one (which is why the "think" part in the answer)

I would like to add a question of my own here. Although I am not blogging for money, and don't care much if I am missing from scene for some time, I would like to try and keep people reminding of my blogs. So, I would try and get somebody who can fill in for me, if only for Lazy Habits (being a theme-blog, it is easier to fill in). I would even be ready to pay for that in kind, if need be. So, the question I am asking you is,
Would you consider somebody guest-posting on your blog if you know you won't be able to blog for some time (at least, if you have a theme blog)? Also, would you consider blogging for money or turning Pro?

By the second question, I mean something like PayPerPost, or sponsorships of some kind. Most of the bloggers I know don't blog for money. So I am fairly sure of the answers most people would give here. Leave answers in comments, write a post and leave a link to the post, do it anyway you want. But I would still like to get the answers, and get them from heart.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

P.S. In a completely unrelated note, if you are in the market for some great (though serious) and inspiring short-stories, do read about the "Embrace the Wonder" stories on Bennie's blog.


Bla said...

"Would you stop blogging if you get million dollars today? And will your blogging style change if you are suddenly a millionaire?"

I think that no one will be indifferent about that.

Keshi said...

why wud I stop blogging, cos its not like I make money from it anyways right? LOL! For me, blogging is a pleasure...and I dun want that to be taken over by anything, let alone money.


Princess Stefania said...

The million dollars. Is that a condition? I'll be given the million dollars only if I stop blogging? Didn't quite understand that. I could definitely use a million dollars. But nothing short of... well, nothing can get me to give up Blogchaat.

And will the million dollars alter my writing style? I doubt it.
I might just go by Princess $tefania, though...

Amey said...

@Bla: Of course. If you are not changing the way you are expressing, still blogging is going to take a backseat if you are not serious about it, or if your "bed and bread" does not depend on it.

So, what are your answers to other questions?

BTW, welcome to my blog... do check out my other posts, and keep commenting :D

@Keshi: Well, as I said, most people here don't blog for money. But do you really think your blogging style (and frequency) will still be same if you get rich?

And where are the answers to other questions?

@Prince$$: Not a condition. Just a situation. You get one mill big ones completely unrelated to your blog or even through your blog, and then you have to think where you will go from there.

So gimme the answers to all questions now.