Saturday, December 15, 2007


Tagged by Madhavi, sorry Mads, ages ago. Since I am in winter cleaning mode, I think it was time to finish this tag.

What is FMORT? According to Mads, it stands for Five Minutes of Random Thoughts (read more about it on her blog). Now, given my blog's name, I thought I could take it up easily, but it just kept getting postponed. Not so much because I didn't have 5 free minutes (I cannot say that so close to Christmas, can I), but because some posts (and topics) kept coming up.

Get a clock, pen and paper. Set the alarm to ring 5 min 10 sec later. Clear your mind for 10 seconds. Now write down anything that comes to your mind for five minutes on the paper. After 5 minutes, tweak the scribbles into meaningful sentences and post on your blog. The tag requires the title to be "My FMORT".


Can I write on paper for 5 minutes? I am tragically out of practise for that.
Which is why my handwriting is getting worse. Spikey and uneven.
So is my patience. 4 more minutes to go.
Can I think of anything now? My mind is going blank.
I need my coffee.
Where do the US studios get such cute new faces to star in new serials?
All the series I like are on winter break.
That reminds me of "The Office". If you do your spring cleaning in winter, you don't have to do anything in spring.
I need to clean my table. It has 2 large piles of letters on it.
I need to find my bluetooth USB adaptor. I think the previous task will take care of it.
I need to update my flash drive with recent data. That is the only thing between my PC crash and my mental crash.
I should get to the next level in Tomb Raider: Anniversary. I have Lara has been hanging on that rope for ages now.
This week, I cannot even finish one single post properly. I have 2 half-finished posts in my docs folder. 3, if you consider the random notes tagged there.
2 more minutes to go. Oh, 1 more to be precise.
Blank mind, blank mind.
I have 1 more tag pending now. 2 more, including the new tag I am planning. I should finish that up and put it on.
I am bad at planning. No state secret this, you will know when you see next tag, and how much time it is taking me to finish it.
Chuck, Indian Culture = ?,...
Everything's Eventual, Amber room, Sigma Force series,...
Why cannot I finish even one post properly now?

And... Done.

Nice tag really. Just shows you how (and more to the point, what) do you think in your free time, and what lurks in your subconscious.

I am not tagging anybody specific in the post, as most of the regulars here are AWOL. I will be tagging some people in comments, so keep an eye out on your blogs. Sometimes, it will scare you what goes on your mind if you let it...

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha... thoroughly enjoyed your tag !! This shows how random our thoughts are.

And first thing I checked (even before reading the post) was for my name in tagged person's list. It wasn't there but when I read the post, you seem to be more cleverer than I thought :D

Let me wait & watch. :-)

Cuckoo said...

Oh you removed the moderation part again ?

Dhanya said...

wow that was a nice tag.. sometimes it's scary when u keep track ur random thoughts :)

Amey said...

@Cuckoo: Yes, and it also shows how hard it is to completely empty your mind.

I can't say if you fall in "commented tagged" category, but you do fall in AWOL category surely. As for comment moderation, just goes to show...

@Dhanya: Thanks... Luckily, I didn't think of any "lists" for the tag ;)
Care to take it up?

tulipspeaks said...

totally random! :D


SiD said...

from past few days I have been speaking some random thoughts in front of unfamiliar slides.. so i am sure I can write for 5 minutes... just need some time :) and can't we write on the lappie.. ???

Madhavi said...

Couldnt hve got better justice..:) after all as u mentioned in the first line of d had 2b random coz ur blognme says so :P..the tag well done..
Indian culture ummm hmmm cute faces... :P wtz goin on :P

Cuckoo said...

AWOL ? Really ?? I don't think so. I read each & every post of yours. What if I don't comment here ?

I think I'll take this up. I am now famous for collecting the tags and keeping them for months. This would be my 13/14th tag I think. Chalo next year(2009) you'll see me doing this one. :-)

Amey said...

@Tulip: fmoRt on Random Thoughts, that would count as a random^2 I think ;)

@Sid: Speaking random things in front of unfamiliar slides? Now you're a manager ;)

I would refer you to the creator of the tag (Mads) for the answer, but I personally think the notepad method has more old-world charm. And don't worry, you don't have to write entire sentences. Just jot down points, and make them into sentences when writing the tag.

@Mads: Danke schön...

As for your questions, stay tuned for next posts, and you will get the answers.

P.S. Do answer the question Sid asked.
@Cuckoo: Well, I don't expect you to comment on my blogs when you don't even answer comments on your blogs.

Chalo next year(2009) you'll see me doing this one
And you wonder why I don't tag anybody specifically any more.

neihal said...


Good fun.

Amey said...

@Neihal: Is that the same Neihal? muze apani aankhon pe vishwas nahi ho raha ;)

Dhanya said...

Oops take up this tag? Let me think :P
It's quite sometime since I posted something.. I'll try anyway..