Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Therapeutic Tag

You know what time it is, don't you? Yes, you got it right... The time when everybody is thinking of which resolutions to break in next month (or two months, for the more resolute).

But as you all know, I keep my promises (especially if the "promised" party is me). So when this tag came my way from Amrita (who continues to send very good tags my way) this month, I thought I should up the ante a bit, tenfold to be precise.

10 Things I'd like to do in next 10 years:

Everybody tells me that I am entering the period of my life where I will be achieving the most. So what would I like to achieve?

  1. Go once around the world: I am a flight away from the goal, actually.

  2. Get published in any form: e-magazine, magazine, newspaper, I am not particular about the medium. Post, article, review, I am not particular about the form. You see, I cover all the bases.

  3. Write a (short?) novel: They say there is a writer hidden is everyone. And one of these days, I am going to find him.

  4. Fly in Airbus 380 and Dreamliner: Dreamliner should be out within next 10 years, even with all the delays.

  5. Drive Porsche/Ferrari: Own, I am not sure. But drive, I would really like.

  6. Get a pilot's license: Not commercial, but just for recreational flying. I think all those flight-sim hours should be useful for something, right?

  7. Get married: My parents (who are so understanding on the subject) would be shocked (to put it mildly) if I postpone it for a decade, don't you think? And do I really need to add, to a girl I like?

  8. Become a millionaire: Now you may not believe it, but this has nothing to do with money. I just like the sound of the word, you see.

  9. Chart a ten-year plan: If I want to do some of the things in this list, I need a proper plan. And everybody tells me, this is high time.

  10. Following the tradition started by Amrita, I guess I will keep this for anything coming out of #9.

10 Things I miss about my life right now:
  1. My family, they never were more away from an overnight travel.

  2. My little niece. She is growing up.

  3. My friends

  4. Summer holidays

  5. Treks and short trips

  6. My school and college

  7. Evenings spent chatting with my friends

I don't think there is anything more.

And, on this new year's eve, I tag... nobody and everybody. Whoever wants to take this up, and whoever gets a comment from me tagging them...

Happy New Year to you all!!! May this year be what you hope (and dream) it to be!!!

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


neihal said...

I think you can write a short novel.

That is not to say you cant do the rest of the things. :P

Anonymous said...

thanks for doing this Amey! And i think the novel is definitely doable!


Amey said...

@Neihal and Amrita: Thanks for that... Given the recent comments on my review of "Dune", that might just be my only lasting contribution in this world ;)

@Neihal: Do take up the tag if you want. It really makes you think. 10 things I miss was especially hard for me.

@Amrita: Thanks... That was a nice tag.

Dhanya said...

Wow I haven't even thought of a 3 yr plan, forget 10 years ;)

Btw a very happy new year to you.. Atleast start planning for your 10 yr plan ;)

Cuckoo said...

Knowing you, I think all the points are doable.

pilot's license ?? Never knew you were this serious after all those flights-sims. ;)

BTW, Wish you a very Happy New Year.

Note-At present not replying to comments on my blog but will do it... sooner or later. :P

silverine said...

Good one!! I wanna do this!

Happy New Year Amey!

Amey said...

@Dhanya: Do the tag. It is very interesting to see what you come up with when you think of future. And remember, this is not a plan, this is just some things I want to do in next 10 years.

@Cuckoo: Well, the consensus seems to be that. Which is added pressure on me to do all these things :(

And knowing you, that would be later, rather than sooner.

@Silverine: Do it... I would like to see what you want to do in next 10 years.

@Dhanya, Cuckoo and Silverine: Happy New Year to you all!!!

tulipspeaks said...

ah.. nice resolution. hope u will achieve them in 10 years time! :)


Amey said...

@Tulip: That seems to be consensus. Talk about putting pressure on yourself ;)

Dhanya said...

Oops one more tag? Your other tag is also pending.. I'l try anyway :)