Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My muse is loafing

“ये world हैं ना world, इस में दो तरह के लोंग होते है। एक जो सारी जिंदगी एक भी किताब नही पढतें और दुसरें जो एक ही जिंदगी में सारी किताबे पढ लेतें है। ऐसा मै ही कहता हूं। और कहता क्या हूं करता हूं। और ऐसा करता हूं जो ना शायद ना किसी नें किया, और ना कोई कर पाएगा।”

(The above quote has very little connection, if at all, with the topic and the contents of the post. But it has been in my head for last two weeks since I thought of it. So, now that I have put it down, I can get back to other topics, such as they are.)

A severe bout of Writer's block. For last few hours, I have been sitting in front of my laptop trying to write something. Lot of topics, but I cannot put the thoughts in order. I am feeling like this, this and this. So, I am heeding to Nique and writing this down.

Should I write about my trip to Germany (done when I was still getting paid to surf the net)? I have thought of a great title for it, in fact two titles if it goes over two posts.

Or should I write about the new (and old) books of Michael Crichton which I have been reading? Just finished reading a book which I did not know existed.

Or should I write about two great book series, containing all the glory of wizards, kings, knights, battles and even a dragon or three? Both the writers are good, and the tales of valor and chivalry do touch our hearts (at least mine).

I have just finished watching a great drama on Maratha history, which just reminded me of a great Marathi novel by a great author. That should be a good topic for a post, given that I love history.

Maybe I should write about the Paolo Coelho books, seeing that I finished third book written by him today. The religion and philosophy in his books (bar some) is definitely worth commenting on.

Let me tell you, I am not able to key in more than 2 lines on any of these topics right now.

Does this help? A help on both counts is welcome. Maybe the heavy work load has driven all other thoughts from my mind. Maybe this theory is true. If so, my writing days may be lettered.

Pray to God that this does not happen, or is my current state the result of all the prayers going to God? If so, beware, हर लेखक का दिन आता है। (जिस दिन वह समिक्षक होता है।)

Quote of the Day:

The cure for writer's cramp is writer's block.
-Inigo DeLeon


Figo said...

so you did like what the female told to the dude in sinfest.
(dont follow sinfest, but those strips were interesting)

maybe, you could start with germany

Fleiger said...

Of course, I thought it was a god advise :) Sinfest is worth followwing, but then, there hasnt been an update for long.

Germany? Maybe, need to collect my thought together for that. Till then, read some more comic strips.