Wednesday, April 04, 2007

And I Thought It Was Called "Adder"...

UPDATE: Added Glossary of terms
Sorry, that was a very bad, geek-worthy joke. So let me start again...

When cold coffee is more enticing than a hot steamy cup, when you do eat (too much) ice-cream and get a very bad case of cold, when the reason you're sweating is not (only) that you are facing exams... yes, summer is here.

And as we have (unfortunately) "grown up", there are many things which we used to do in summer which we cannot do anymore. That's why The Great Silverine's Summer Tag is such a nice opportunity to get all nostalgic and emotional... and sigh, "Those were the days..."

So I am supposed to write 8 things about summer/summer holidays I enjoyed. Here goes (in chronological order, after end of exams to end of vacations)...

  • Cricket: The preparations/planning would start from the second last paper, and everybody would carry bats to the last paper (which used to be of drawing/handicraft or some such non-study subject). Fortunately, our group rarely slipped below top 10 positions in the class, so nobody really had any tension/pressure. After paper, it was directly to somebody's house to keep drop the bags, and on to cricket ground. Luckily almost everybody of us had a ground near their house, so there was very good choice of locations for us. These would start in the afternoon and carry on till evening, when we finally got home to "report" about the paper to our parents.

  • Early morning matches: Sorry to repeat this, but there was a major difference between these and the end-of-year cricket. These used to be scheduled to start at 7 am (normally meeting point would be my home). I would wake up and get ready by 7.15 (it is a universal truth that you get up quite early in vacations when there is nothing to do), people would start trickling in by 7.30. By 8.30, the strength would still not be enough to go to a proper-sized ground, and then we would start the round of calls to absentees. I remember waking people up at 8.30, when we were supposed to start at 7. The matches would finally start at 9.

  • Birthdays: Note the plural. In our immediate family, we have 5 birthdays within a week in April (now 6, and that too are shared within 4 days over a 10-day period). Within our friend-circle, the number was 4, starting with mine which fell within a week from the end of exam to the last week of holidays. An excellent excuse for cricket, full day parties and a nice packed lunch while picking on each and everybody.

  • Mangoes: Do I need to say anything more? OK, I will... This would be the dessert of choice on most days after getting the "basket". And one of those days would be the day to make aam-ras, which (I can't say more entertaining but definitely) equal fun to eating it.

  • Rasna: One morning in the the first week of summer holidays would be designated to make Rasna, by opening the pack, adding a lot and lot of sugar, adding the liquid thing and the powder, and then mixing the whole thing with water. Drinking Rasna was fun, making it was "children special" activity.

  • Printing: Summer would be the time for getting major orders for our screen-printing "business". So, we had a whole room with every horizontal surface full of big printed papers (wet ink), boxes of wet scree-printing ink... Then there used to be the smell of the ink and the "cleaning solution".
    One of our major "clients" was a local 'pepsi-cola' maker (hence the summer orders), who used to give us 1-2 bags full of pepsi-cola, which brings me to the next point...

  • Pepsi-cola and usacha ras: Staple food for the summers. On some of the days (specially after 8th std), replacement for lunch. No words can explain the fun in sitting down in the gurhal with the machine sounding nearby, with a BIG glass of ras in front of you. A definite recipe to drown out all your exertions after playing for hours on end.

  • Trips and evening "treks": At least once in the summer holidays (near the monsoon time), a trek would be scheduled (again, this is after we "grew up" a bit). Otherwise, many of the evenings would a trip to Parvati, which people climb for exercise, and we would climb for the fun and talks.

  • Nasik Trip: Kept last, but the high-point of summer holidays. It was a rare summer in school days when I didn't visit my cousins in Nasik with my mother and sis. And even in those rare summers, (except in my 10th std, after which all our schedules started clashing) they would visit us in Pune, or sometimes come with us back to Pune for reminder of the vacations.

Now, I know I have gone over the limit of 8, but once I started writing, the points just kept coming...

Now for the part where I tag people... so, usual suspects get ready. You know who you are, so don't make me start the list, as this post is already long enough.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

  1. aam-ras: Mango shake (at least, that's the closest description. Mainly, this is mango - seed - skin + lots of sugar)

  2. usacha ras: sugarcane juice

  3. gurhal: the place to get usacha ras

  4. Pepsi-cola: No connection with Pepsi, this is flavoured ice packed in small plastic bags.

  5. Rasna: Check this out. Though admittedly, the packaging was less colourful in our days.

Quote of The Day:

Summer afternoon - Summer afternoon... the two most beautiful words in the English language.
- Henry James (1843 - 1916)

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SiD said...

As I started reading this.. my playlist was singing - "Those were the best days of my life" :)

Well guess most guys would have many things common with your list.. cricket being at the top of the list!!
And I agree fully with what Mr Henry James said!!

Fleiger said...

@Sid: Now that's appropriate...

And don't try to escape the tag by saying that. You are one of the "usual suspects", remember? Did you have 7.30 matches starting at 9 too?

Cuckoo said...

Ha Ha.. I was avoiding to comment here on this post for obvious reasons. lolll.. You know what I mean.

And now when I came here, I saw your reply to SiD. Ha Ha.. And I know who are the others. NOT ME.

Well, nice post. Many things common again including cricket but not that crazy.

SiD said...

Fleiger, I am quite aware that I am the Target..

And 7.30 matches at 9.. I don't believe it.. Does every kid in India have same life???? hehehehe...

Since yesterday I am trying to find things that I could write which could be different from your list.. not found a single ;)
Actually some of this has already been written in a previous tag abt childhood days!!

and cuckoo: cricket - u tooo??
any girl coming to play with us was well... chalo chodo..

Neihal said...

these summer tags are like a Time machine, take me to those good old days :).... only thing is when I came back, I am craving for aamras. :(

tulipspeaks said...

well.. i dont understand the foods u mentioned here. Rasna supposely sumkinda juice i think. how abt the other foods? :S


Fleiger said...

@Cuckoo: Not commenting gets you off the hook as much as not talking to your friend gets you off the hook for doing favours to her.
And I add my voice to Sid's, you played cricket????

@Sid: Aha, and I though lazy bums (who got up at 12 noon otherwise) were our speciality ;)
Write it down man, you get new points when you start writing. Believe me...

@Neihal: Well said. And I actually got mango nectar after reading your tag ;) Not as good as aam-ras though :(

@Tulip: Sorry for that... I will add glossary to the post for you.

Neihal said...

I tried the nectar, pudding, ice cream and what not, all mango flavour, but nothing even comes close to aamras...and mango is still not in market here :(

Cuckoo said...

So, I am not in the list. ;)

Well, when I was very young I was not interested in cricket but as I grew up (standard 8th & above), I started playing. Boys were more than willing to include the only girl in their team. And FYI, I was good.

Fleiger said...

I agree... But unfortunately I haven't seen mangoes in supermarkets here, so we have to make do with "substitutes".

Truly... your logic circuits are messed up. You need to clean them.

8th std and above boys? Only girl in the team? Hmm...

Princess Stefania said...

Fruit juices, Colas, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Ice creams - the best part of summer. I'm partial to maaza, myself.
And we used to have something similar to the pepsi cola you described. We called them lollies, and they came in long plastic tubes.

Fleiger said...

@Princess: Has anybody told you that's a nice name?

Lollies, pepsi-colas... Sirf naam hi kafi hai, right? ;) And since you want something to get out of Riterblokitis (nice name, BTW), I tag you.

Do that tag and get ready to nostalgize [I can make words up too ;)]

Princess Stefania said...

Oh, my first tag ever!

You'd have to translate the bit in Hindi for me. I speak just two languages.
English (U.K.)
English (U.S.)

Princess Stefania said...

I managed everything except 'kafi'. What's that?

Fleiger said...

@Princess: Oops... Sorry... That was a faux pas. kafi = enough. The translation would be something like, "just the name is enough (to remind you, to sweep you off the feet etc. etc.)

The formal rules of the tag are:
1. Name the person who tagged you.
2. If you want to praise him, go ahead (ok, just kidding. That's not part of the tag)
2. Write 8 things about summer holidays you miss/ can't do anymore.
3. Tag some more people... 8 being the ideal number in the spirit of the tag.