Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Status Update

For all those people who are wondering where I have been disappearing to for last few days, here's the answer... (And for all those who didn't, shame on you)

In keeping with my status as a Master, a few observations are due here:

  • Commencement ceremonies are great. Every person should attend at least one in his life, if only to soak in the general air of celebration. (And oh yes, the atmosphere, slightly cloudy and not at all boiling like last few days, was ideal for a nice ceremony on the ground)

  • Contrary to my belief, Graduation gowns are very comfortable and easy to wear. Of course, you would look foolish trying to "use" the hood.

  • Tassels are a pain. A small gust of wind, and you have to search where the tassels have gone flying. Keeping an eye on a small child is easier, believe me. (At least, my niece is better behaved than the tassels I have on my cap.)

  • The caps have one of the most non-aerodynamic shapes, which makes the wearer very weary of them flying off at the smallest breath of air. Which brings me to my next point...

  • The only use of the tassels I could come up with (apart from denoting the level and field of study) is to get hold of, in order to prevent your cap from flying off.

Regular programming commences soon...

Quote of The Day:


tulipspeaks said...

whoa! congrats!



Neihal said...



Cuckoo said...

Congratulations & Jubilations !!

When I said about your new clothes, I meant this. And here is the post. :)

Fleiger said...

@Ammu, Neihal and Cuckoo: Thanks a lot :D Being a Master, now I can show "mastery" in my writing (or was I supposed to say mystery? Something like that) ;)

@Cuckoo: Thank god... I thought you were talking about something like Emperor's new clothes and I was worried.

SiD said...

bahut bahut mubaarkien hamari taraf se..
First time your foto appeared on the blog??

Fleiger said...

@Sid: Thankus galore sirji...
Well, many people were asking to see my photo, and I thought what better opportunity to show my face to world? ;)

Princess Stefania said...

This calls for a celebration.
Let's bring out the Cyber Champagne.

...or just a maaza would do.

Fleiger said...

@Princess: Sure... all the bubbly (or mazaa) you can drink... It's on me ;)