Monday, February 04, 2008

That "Gedanke" Part Chapter II

In which I tell you a lot about myself, which you will wish you never knew...

  • Talking to my sister on Friday, I realised this is the first time since Germany that I am living almost truly "alone" (i.e. in a place where the nearest person I know lives 45 minutes away by car on either side). If you think that 2 years is not that long a time (even though it is slightly less that 10% of my entire lifetime), this is only third time in my entire life till now. That should give you some perspective.

  • Given point 1, what would you think my schedule on Friday night looks like? Yes, you got it: go home at 6:30 pm, and clear my laundry basket. Oh, and I decided not to go for a 8:30 pm movie because it would be too late.

  • I went to National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian) yesterday. Apart from the normal "Do Not Touch" signs, what really interested me was that, some displays had "Please Touch" signs, along with some really interesting information. And, did I mention there were huge dino-skeletons there? Oh, does anyone remember/recognise these photos?

  • After bugging my friend remorselessly for taking a camera minus the memory stick on a holiday, I did exactly the same thing yesterday. Luckily, the stick was in my laptop, which was in my bag. I think this will teach people who laugh at me for wanting to keep my laptop with me all the time.

  • My use of a comforter often reminds me of today's party dresses. Despite there being more than enough material, the second it reaches any respectable cover in the front, I get an open back.

  • Paraphrasing a famous personality, I don't like to eat anything which can talk cute in a cartoon/film (and no, Nemo does not count, as you don't eat Clownfish). I really used to like the mini-wheat cereals by Kellogs, but since they started airing ads where the "mini-wheats" talk about their holiday and their kids, I have completely gone off them.

  • I didn't really consciously think of the impact the "Ramayan" serial had on the mythological genre in Indian Television, till I saw the episode of the "New and Improved Ramayana". Essentially the format looks almost completely like the old one (1 part dialogue, 2 part laughing/crying, 7 part songs and 10 part music), just the faces are different now. Or is it that there are only so many music directors/dialogue writers/story writers which will take on a mythological serial? Or is there a certain rule that defines the music everybody has to use to convey good news/bad news/shock? Not to mention, there was a moment in there when I expected Kaikeyee to go, "Oh Manthara, I mean... come on..."

If this was not random enough, today's quote is from a one-man show on cricket called "Maazi Phatkebaaji" (My Shots) by Shireesh Kanekar. I think I don't need to tell you the context. And I heard it a week or two ago, so it's not my laziness really that I am putting it up today.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


Cuckoo said...

Living alone can be very painful but sometimes enjoyable too.

Stopped eating mini-wheats just because they started talking on the telly ? I think I am more practical.

And had you not written about Shireesh Kanekar, I would have asked you about the quote.

So, how is it going ?

Amey said...

@Cuckoo: Yes, depending on whom you ask, it is inconvenience or freedom ;)

And tell me, if you see something talking about the tan it got on vacation, or talking about their kids' exams while they are sitting in what I can only assume swimming pool full of milk, what will you do? At the very least, would you want to eat the milk where "it" was just swimming?

SiD said...

Living Alone and Museum.. hmm...I would have gone for the movie ;)
and are these artifacts from mohenjedaro etc..???
and u r watching Ramayana sitting there in US !!!!!!!!!

The umpire quote was really Gudd...

nishant chandgotia said...

Interesting...must be horrible sometimes right....

Amey said...

@Sid: Well, it wasn't museum or movie. It was possibly movie and then museum on next day. As I said, it was getting late ;)

Yes, the photos are artefacts (some are of course copies) from Mohenjadaro. It was interesting to see these after reading about them in textbooks. Although, the display was in a turn-and-you-miss corner ;)

About the umpire quote, it is followed in the one-man act by a rant about how technology is undermining the role of umpire (this was when Tendulkar was still a boy)

@Nishant: Welcome to my blog...

As I said, it depends on whom you ask, freedom or painful ;)

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