Friday, August 04, 2006

Some new books, songs and other updates

Since there are still 20 days to go before the school starts, I have infinite leisure right now (even taking into account the small 'work' in library). So right now, I am pretty busy in reading a lot of books (thanks to library), listening to a lot of music (thanks to my friends), and overall enjoying life. I almost filled my 30GB iPod before coming here, sorting through it is going to take me a lot of time. So, here are some random notes about what I have been doing:

  • Read Satyajit Ray's “Indigo” and “Best of ...”. I knew Satyajit Ray was a very good writer (at least since I read Feluda), but his contribution to Indian thriller generations is quite big. Believe me, some of the stories he has written are believably frightful. Not recommended for heart patients. At the same time, I have discovered that reading thriller/horror stories while seating in a virtually secluded corner of a deserted library floor is... well, enough to give you creeps. Case in point: Khagam.

  • Read one book of Prof. Shanku. (Shameless plugging: check this out) Unfortunately no more Shanku books are available in library, and equally unfortunately I cannot read Bengali. Sometimes I feel like I should be able to read all languages just so I can read good books without having to rely on translations. I know what “lost in translation” means.

  • Started “Hypnerotomachia Poliphili” (yey, I got spelling correct first time). For those unfamiliar with the name, it means “Strife for love in a dream” and is the inspiration (or central point) of the book “The Rule of Four”. For those unfamiliar with both these books, it is a book written in middle ages, about a quest by Poliphilo (the hero) for his love, Polia in a dream. It contains a lot of information, and riddles which are still unsolved. And it is HUUUUGGGGEEEE. So huge in fact, that I could not dare to check it out and carry it to my room. I guess I will read it sitting in library.

  • Was planning to start reading “Chandrakanta”. But no english translations exist in library, and my threshold of interest for reading hindi is very very low.

  • Trying to find some more books by Agatha Christie which I haven't read. Very hard to find. Ditto for Tom Clancy and Isaac Asimov.
Music review coming up, so only intrepid should pass.

  • Lage Raho Munnabhai” songs are too good. “Chaar Aane” and “Bande me tha dum” are excellent. For anybody who has heard them, can you imagine the famous out-of-park dance in “The Mask” done on the tune of the remix of “Char Aane”? But meaningful lyrics with something except love after a long time... I have heard these continuously for last 3 days, since I got them. Desperately waiting for the movie, and somebody who can transport me to the theatre.

  • Didn't know “Phir Hera Pheri” songs are Himesh Reshmmia. The voice sounded weird, but not that weird. I think he is starting to grow on me (horror of horrors) (Update : But the day when I can hear "Aashiq Banaya..." till the end are yet to come. I just skipped the song hearing first Aas..,. so I guess my brain is yet to be addled)

  • There is actually a song called “Meri Jawani Ak-47”... Don't know which movie, don't know who is music director, nothing (not even Google acknowledges the fact, but I heard it)... I would call that "leap of imagination" on part of lyrics writer, if the aforementioned imag. stumbled while taking aforem. l. and slipped while landing, breaking its toe and skull at the same time. (Come to think of it, the skull fracturing won't be a disaster, given the fact that it does not contain anything)

Ok, now I am off to college to work for some time, and get new books. Luckily my roommate gets here tomorrow, so I will have some company. Haven't said a word except on telephone for last 4 days.

The Great Eagle has spoken...

Quote of The Day:

My personal hobbies are reading, listening to music, and silence.
- Edith Sitwell (1887 - 1964)


jhantu said...

just out of curiosity which Ray story was frightening and thus not recommended for heart patients?

[==amutha==] said...

ah.. so u r a reader..

i'll take note on that! :P


silverine said...

Nice template!

Fleiger said...

@Jhantu: For heart patients? Khagam would qualify, so would Indigo I think. Also, the story of Ananth babu is one a candidate.

@Amutha: Of course, I am a voracious reader. Here and here are some of the book-reviews I have done. Do read, and comment...

@Silverine: Thanks. Had some time yesterday on hand, so tinkered around a bit. BTW, I will come up with some more book-reviews in near future (once I get over my resident inertia). Many books are pending.

niki yokota said...

havent read any of these books(^o^);;;
but i was Einstein too...
hugs my friend!!!!
'Fly like Eagle' of Steve Miller Band will suit ur blog. cool cool!

Fleiger said...

@nikichan: Is that right mode of address? Or did I just blundred in gender? Anyways, most of the books I mentioned are Indian books in various languages, so even I have to get english translations.
And thanks for the song suggestion, my fellow Einstein... :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

awesome template :)

will have to check out the links sometime

the eagle looks great !

have a good time :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

where did the shoutbox go ?

Figo said...

books books books !!! argh!!!

@deepa, what's that?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Figo .. he had a shout box earlier ... the one in which u can shout stuff

Fleiger said...

@Deepa: Thanks... the eagle is White Breasted Eagle, found in India. Check out the links surely. Shoutbox didn't match the new template though (trial version, so cannot change the colors and all) so had to (and wanted to) remove it. Shout all you want in the comments [will help my comments number ;)]

@Figo: Books... that's what my life amounts to currently. I (unluckily) don't have any plans to visit any other cities. ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

oh !

didnt u get any other shoutbox then ?

smthg that matches the template ?

Fleiger said...

@Deepa: No :(
And anyways there wasn't much being shouted (only you and Amutha, and me) so I guess we can do that through the comments. At least it will increase my comment count ;)

Dew Drops said...


i remember trying Feluda once, but i kinda got distracted and didn't finish. guess, gotta check that out once more :))))

SiD said...

well. regd Himesh Reshamaiya.. i kinda like himm....

phir hera pheri may not be the righht album to judge him...
even PHP has a song - jumme rat hai aaja.. very hummable..

i say go for Ahista Ahista album.. though 5/8 are himesh sung.. but i hope u wll like the album.. the music is superb!!!

niki yokota said...

sorry i dont get it(??) right mode??
u mean this face mark? (^-^)?
COOL freiger-chan!!
eh? my fellow Einstein?? lololol
thanks a lottttt!!
and have a happy weekend to u tooo!!

Fleiger said...

@Dew_drops: Sure, Feluda is worth reading. You will get 2 volumes of complete stories.

@Sid: Yes, PHP songs are good. Let me check Ahista Ahista.

@niki: I meant, do you call females "chan" too? I mean, should I call you niki-chan or niki-something else?

niki yokota said...

awww~ i wud be happy dancing if u call me niki-chan.(^o^)
chan is used for only good friends or cutie (sex does not matter). thanks a lottttt!!!!