Thursday, June 30, 2005

Quick Quotes Quill

The Quick Quotes Quill continues its work... (With nightouts)...

So here is the next in series of some serious sayings by our industrious colleagues:

  • "Can I switch off the Candle?"
    (Sure, just point out the switch for me)

  • "Project program का बाप होता है!"
    (We are going to draw family trees now instead of the class diagrams... Rational Tree instead of Rational Rose)

  • "Let's have Bisi 'Balle' Bath!!!"
    (I had heard about bathroom singers, but 'bathroom dancers'???? Balle Balle!!!)

  • "Oh s***, my friend is getting married!"
    (That’s height of frustration for you, ladies and gentlemen!)

  • "The bulb has started..."
    (/blushes… that was me. But in my defense, I forgot to add the word “glowing” at the end. Still the sentence is illuminating enough)

  • "Tanmoy and Jagadish are in different folder"
    (Folder… Floor… Same difference. Maybe I am watching too much Matrix)

  • "Air is water with big holes in it"
    (Deep philosophy… G g! G g! G g!)

Any additions???


Figo said...

It was getting cold in the train and my friend asked me to shut down the window :-)

Figo said...

and yes, there was this one person