Friday, May 20, 2005

Sound Bytes....

Being as techie is stressful job, they say! (To quote a great author, I need to find who this legendary "They" is and why that person insists on saying so many things.) And so, the modern day techie does not lose any chance to add an "Easter Egg" in his life once in a while...

While some people find fun @ meetings, some of us play with the words...

Here is a compilation of some of the greatest (un)quotable quotes by some great entertainers:

  • "I was in the project even before The Creation started"
    (Ladies and gentlemen, presenting The Answer [and probably The Cause ;)]to your "Oh God!"s...)

  • "I am The Company."
    (The corporate version of "Aham Bramhasmi")

  • “I want a freshly laid schema.”
    (Please contact your nearest hatcheries)

  • “I spend what I earn and I earn what I spend”
    (The Economics Guru… Next Indian Noble Prize winner coming through.)

  • “Male alive or female dead?”
    (Asked during 20 Q’s… what knowledge is it supposed to convey?)

  • “I know I can, but I can’t.”
    (Come again, what exactly do you know then?)

  • “Can you please drop in here for a second, I want to catch you up on something.” (Now you know why we are called cricket crazy nation.)

And finally, my personal favourite…

  • “Integer must be a proper string.”
    (A little data typo here… I hear Java Gurus turning in their cubicles)

Any additions welcome...

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punavi said...

wow...dats some sense of humor!!!..keep it going!!