Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Out of the Mind... continues...

Talking about out of the mind, is it similar to when we say "the pantry is out of coffee" (nightmare...)???? If that is so, then how do we measure "mind"?

I mean, to say you are out of something... errr, that is to say something is finished, you should be able to measure it somehow, feel it so that you can fill it up again.

So what is the unit of "mind"? Is it "grams of brain" or "number of thoughts" or something like this?

And where do I get mind to fill if I find myself somehow out of the mind I had? Is my mind compatible with other minds, or do we have some kind of mind groups like blood groups?

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Figo said...

maan.. i dont know about that, but sure do understand why pantry is out of coffee..