Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want to go to there

So, it seems everybody and their uncle (*ahem* that’s my attempt to convey how old the series is) is watching “Star Trek” now. And although, I will watch the movie sometime in near future, I have my eyes fixed on this year’s treats:

First up:

Angels and Demons

In my honest opinion, this book is much better than much-hyped “Da Vinci Code”. Same genre though.

Update: I went, I saw, I reviewed. You comment.

Then, 2 months later is,

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince

The series starts getting darker from the mid-fourth book, and the 6th instalment brings on many clues, adventures, not to mention romance and kisses. Will be worth waiting for, if OotP was any indication:

Update: Saw midnight show. Posted here.

Then comes,

G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Who hasn’t played with the “toy that protects U.S. oil interests overseas” (not my words) in their childhood? Who doesn’t know about Arashikage Ninja clan? And those costumes are just… wow. (thank god they got rid of those thick black frames of The Baroness).

And what’s up the new Doctor reincarnations and need to play bad characters?

BTW, IDW has restarted the G. I. Joe comics with new storyline (probably similar to the movie), with Joe Origins and Cobra Origins sidelines. And speaking as a fanboy, I must say: go get them.

And then comes the long wait for the movie I am not entirely sure about:

Sherlock Holmes

It sure has a great line-up. The story (or at least the characters) seems to be related to “The Sign of Four”, which has much more live action than most other novels/short stories.

Then again, it is just now that I am coming out of canonical Holmes, and into pastiche territory, so I am still a bit dubious about many “derivations”. The 1968 TV series was good, but the departures from the original story still rankled a bit.

Why can’t they just go ahead and put up a trailer (or two) already? (Thanks Vedang) Christmas is a long way away, you know…

-The Great Eagle Has Spoken


Vedang said...

The Sherlock Holmes trailer.. :)

rayshma said...

i loved angels & demons over da vinci code too. the books, of course. i don't usually watch books being turned into movies.

Amey said...

@Vedang: My dear friend, you just have earned yourself... a mention on the blog (sorry, what with the economy and all).

Re: the trailer - as I said, sounds dodgy. Please let it not be another playboy turned (super)hero story.

@Rayshma: Aah, you are missing a lot. Especially this year. Haven't you seen any Harry Potters?