Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Definitely Not 42

And here is your this week's supply of completely random questions which probe into the deeper mysteries of life:

  • Why didn't I go to a highschool in a(ny) serial on US television?

    Corollary: Where do all highschool kids in Indian television serials go to "learn"?

    Corollary to corollary: Are there any highschool kids on Indian TV?

  • Is there some Murphy's Law which gets you ambushed by heavy rain when you are about five minutes walking distance from home, on the very day that you don't take your jacket with you?

    If not, is it too late for me to start a list of Fleiger's Laws? (Yes, before you ask, the law will mention the fact that the rain will stop when you are soaking wet, and about 10 meters from your door)

    Or, like faces on currency notes, is it a requirement that you can only compile lists post-mortem?

  • How do you have simple spelling and grammer mistakes (not to mention complete and obvious lack of research) on the websites of (admittedly) major newspapers?

    How come a newspaper reporter and/or editor does not know that Aamir Khan was blogging way before Amitabh Bachchan started, and not the other way round?

  • Why does every episode of CID end in such a lame fashion?

    In how many ways can you say "You will [go to jail, hang]" before it starts getting repetitive and boring?

    Can once in a while a criminal confess before the officer of appropriate gender moves his/her hand near the criminal's face with some force? And why do killers start crying, and confess after just one slap?

  • Read on a bus window: "Please keep all body parts out of window opening." Am I crazy or does that sound extremely uncomfortable, not to mention, dangerous?

The regular programming will continue soon.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


Princess Stefania said...

The sort of post I like beginning my day with.
Yes I'm back. For good this time, really.
How do you compile a list post mortem?

Amey said...

@Princess: Aha, I am happy the random things are as funny to somebody else as they are to me. And "compiling a list post-mortem" means, you say/write a bunch of things, and somebody puts them together in your name after you have "departed". Got it? Come to think of it, a ghost creating a list of things would also be cool.

As for coming back, I reserve my judgement ;)

Princess Stefania said...

I like my ghosts more when they're juggling balls of fire.

And I really am. New posts and everything.

Dhanya said...

You are tagged :)

Amey said...

@Princess: Ghosts juggling balls of fire? Wow, now that would be something to see.

@Dhanya: And I will make a post out of it, I promise...