Sunday, May 18, 2008

And That Was A Great Saturday

They say that everything happens for a reason. Missing a bus last week made me catch the metro (which adds 30-40 minutes to my travelling time, and triples the cost), when I saw the poster for Armed Forces Open Day, which included an airshow.

By now you must know that for me an airshow is like offering a chance for an average Indian man to go into the dressing room of Indian cricket team. Or like offering a backstage pass for a VS fashion show to an average teenager. It took me two seconds to find a seat. It took me considerably less time to decide to attend the show.

They say that the best laid plans never survive first contact with morning (I may have been paraphrasing). I saw my "planned" metro leaving the station while still outside. Which meant I was to reach the AFB half an hour later than I intended. But it was worth it.

Spending ages in front of a flight simulator doesn't even come close to seeing the actual fighters. You have to see them up close to see how superb F/A-22 looks. Or how JSF looks. Or a C-130, F-4, Hurricane or Spitfire. Or a Harrier, F-14, cockpit of A-10 and F-16. Or how Blue Angels "perform".

Let's just say that I could not get the end of Blue Angels on ground because I ran out memory card in my camera. This was just one of those times which push me to get an SLR without looking at the price-tag.

Here's just a small sampling of my 6 hours yesterday:

Surprisingly, this was my first airshow, not counting the impromptu show we saw in Hyderabad when Suryakiran team was practising before their Afro-Asian Games performance (the ground is just round the corner from Hyd Infy office).

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken

P.S. The show was also worth the knowledge that I can get sunburned. Ouch!


Silver said...

look like a great saterday :)
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Cuckoo said...

Wow !! That was indeed a great saturday ! You said it rightly. Unless you see those actual fighter planes, you won't be able to really appreciate it.

Amey said...

@Cuckoo: Even museums don't give you the same experience. You have to see them in action, or at least partial action.

SiD said...

It really is a great experience..
haven't had a chance to see fighter plane but have been on the pilot seat of a MI 8 Chopper... it was amazing..
but fighter planes are on a different plane altogether!!