Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Toast To Women

On the International Women's Day, I propose a toast to all women, starting with:

  • My mother and my sis, for being what they are

  • My niece, need I say anything more?

  • My friends
    • For having the honor to be called my friend

    • For aiming their boxes at other friends even when I am the one with naughty comment

    • Not for not helping me in my l'amour(Sorry, toasts only contain good parts, I guess)

  • JKR, Enid Blyton and many other writers who help keep the child in me happy, and have written a lot many books I like

  • For my blogger friends, for writing nice posts which keep me entertained and thinking (if I start writing names here, the post will go on and on and on, but you all know to whom this toast goes)

  • The women who have proven that they are not second to anybody with their merit, in all walks of life

My friend also wants to add a toast to all the girls who have left a mark on his life (and not their fingerprints on his cheek) and “left footprints on his heart” (by not using their sandals and other assorted footware on him). I won't give his name, but he knows who he is... [There, now don't say I am not a true friend]

A special thanks to Silverine for pointing out the technical problems in my halo. This is a part of my series to polish my halo back to its original brightness. On that note, I hope the old specs-cleaning strategy of blowing on the glasses and polishing with your sleeve or shirt-front (ok, hanky if you are too particular) works on halos too... Any tips there?

The Great Eagle has spoken...

Quote of The Day:

What would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.
- Mark Twain


Cuckoo said...

Thank you.

But I seriously wish that every day should be a women's day just like every man has.
This is quite unfair.. 364 days for men and only one day for women.. that too on paper !

So I celebrate everyday as MY day.

silverine said...

Thank you and I am blinded by the brilliance of the halo!!!

That was touching, I am tempted to give you another responsibility, "Patron Saint of Gal Bloggers" :) I know Kusum and Maladies of Confused would vouch for that :)

And Enid Blyton..I am eternaly grateful to that lady for giving wings to my imagination!! Those fairies and elves and goblins and assorted sprites that she wrote about made childhood so magical. I would actualy get up in the night hoping to catch my toys at play. I have gone aorund the garden in the night hoping to see the fairies ( as per old definition :p). I think a whole generation of the pre cable TV gen will be so much the richer because of her!! God bless you EB!

Great post!!

silverine said...

....and that qoute was humoros and awesome!!!

Fleiger said...

@Cuckoo: Hey, there is no internationally accepted single "Men's Day". What are you complaining about? ;)
That said, every day as your day is a nice idea :D

@Silverine: Now that is one title I cannot take away from you :D
Aah, you really searched for fairies in the garden? That's really nice. I grew mainly on Secret Seven and Famous Five though... Harry Potter is just a grown boy's version of fairy tales. Try it if you haven't yet...
Nice to know my halo is back to normal. ;)

Fleiger said...

@Silverine: On that note, where is Maladies? She hasn't rambled in quite a long time. Looks like she is "living happily ever after" ;)

Cuckoo said...

Lolllll.. you again vouching for your Harry Potter. :P

Fleiger said...

@Cuckoo: imagine that...