Monday, March 28, 2005


Jasoos Log

A series containing reviews of Indian Detectives. Also cross-posted at Desicritics as "Desi Detectives" series.

  • Literature:

    • Byomkesh Bakshi - This is the first name anybody thinks of when you think of “India” and “Detective” in the same sentence.

    • Feluda - He is probably the most energetic detective I have ever seen, as he is roaming all over India and abroad.

  • Television (Private Eye):

    • Karamchand - Karamchand is your typical black-goggles and black coat-clad, cool-headed, intelligent, slightly bumbling and eccentric detective.

    • Sam D'Silva- Vijay Anand's Sam was eccentric enough, and his sidekick played by portly Saurabh Shukla was funny enough.

    • Jasoos Vijay - Co-produced by BBC, with Om Puri as anchor, this is a fairly recent addition to DD.

  • Television (Professional Eyes):

    • ASW - OK, I have cheated a bit here. This was not exactly a detective show.

    • CID - Perhaps the most famous detective show an Indian television today, this is the show which started the series.

    • CID Special Bureau - A “spin-off” of CID.

    • Special Squad - Supposed to be a crack team of homicidal investigators and forensic experts, they are pitted against the "perfect criminals".

  • Kid Detectives:

  • Crime-fighters in Comics:

    • Bahadur - Hey, I like the guy for being one of the few original comic heroes in India.

    • Chacha Choudhari - With a “brain faster than computer” and the help of his Jovian friend Sabu and dog Raacket, Chacha Choudhary has fought many criminals in his life.

  • Lady Detectives:

    • Uma Rao - Written by Sahitya Akademi Award-winner Mahesh Dattani, the three plays show us a housewife turning into a sleuth.

Videsi Detectives

  • Literature:

    • Marcus Didius Falco - Apparently, the lot of a Personal Informer in the roman times was not so different.

    • Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast - Almost albino pale skin, with his characteristic handmade Italian black suits give him an aura of impenetrable mystery.

  • Lady Detectives:

    • Agatha Raisin - Unlike most mainline detectives, Agatha has not chosen a career as a detective.

- The Great Eagle Has Spoken


Vedang said...

you should also add "Mma Precious Ramotswe" of the "No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith :)

Amey said...

Oh Yes, No 1 Ladies' is definitely on the list. Although, I have just listened to some radio dramas on the series, and haven't read the books. Want to write that post for me?

Vedang said...

sure! I'll try and write it over the weekend and let you know