Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Back from Trip

So, the break is over. Did a lot of things in those 20-25 days, some of which are:

  • Went to San Jose to meet my cousin

  • Visited Disneyland, California Adventures and Universal Studios in 5 days trip. (More on this later, when I get some time)

  • Met a Swedish cousin (won’t go into exact relation, but still…), and heard/read about their Project India.

  • Finished about 10% of the activities I had planned for the break.

  • Visited University of California, Berkley and Stanford campuses. (Stanford’s is very good, definitely better than Berkley)

  • Went to see Golden Gate bridge, Fisherman’s wharf, Crookedest and steepest streets and Modern Arts Musuem (explanation coming up later, and believe me, it is good. And I mean explanation.) in San Fransisco. Ate great seafood, and had a Hot Fudge Sundae at Ghiradelli.

  • Saw Tech Musuem in San Jose, and had a great time watching Polar Express in IMax. (Believe me, it is a GREAT experience) Wondered how Harry Potter would look in IMax dome.

  • Ate puranpoli, pavbhaaji and other items of ghar ka khana for 10 days.

  • Schedule for New Year’s Eve: Met a friend in San Jose, and watched No Entry. Then went and watched The Incredibles, You’ve got mail, Sleepless in Seattle and some part of Kate and Leopold while eating a lot of chocolate fondue.(It was not my idea to turn 31st Dec party in chic flick marathon, but then, majority wins here too)

  • And last but not the least, heard the greatest reaction to meaning of my name, “Oh s#$%!!! Sorry, I meant that in good way. I mean, it is so mathematical!” (Watch out for San Fransisco post for details)

Ok, I know this post is just a space-filler till I get time to write about all the things I have promised to write “later”. But then, term has started, and I am turning into even lazier boy somehow (if it is humanly possible). So right now, I need to concentrate on starting to “get my act together” and start studying again.

So, till the time I get back to normal, watch this space. And here’s some idea of things to come.

P.S. Indiatimes has come up with a good chain of articles. Check this out for some good (very) short stories.


Figo said...

wht does your name mean???

Fleiger said...

Been planning to write about that for a long time. My name means boundless, infinite in Marathi. But it seems it also has some good meanings in other languages.

A recent find, my pen-name (or the name on my blog) is kind of derived from one of the meanings. More on that later ;)

silverine said...

Wow you seem to have had a great time!!! Me envious here. And the last pic if taken in daytime would have been great.

Fleiger said...

Ya, had a great time, a real break for a change. :)
I agree, the pic quality is not too good, but in the morning we were more interested in getting in through the long queue than getting pics. I know, I missed a good oppo :(

Deets said...

When were you in San Jose? How come you didn't contact me? Or was I in India that time?

Fleiger said...

Yes, you got it... I came there the evening before you left for India. I guess we had this convers on phone. If not, my bad :(